Technology for Financial Industry 

Big Data and digital transformation specialists, information systems development, UX/UI experts, apps and mobility.


we are

We are a specialized company focused only to financial sector. The company has been created by a group of professionals with more than 20 years of experience.  Our  main values are clients commitment  and their project, service excellency, quality on delivery and have a  100% innovative DNA.
We believe that talent, professionalism  and effort are  fundamental qualities to ensure  the success of  projects. At Keifi, we  incorporate people who meet these requirements.
Francisco Margarite

Francisco Margarite

Cofounder & CEO

30 years implementing  and developing technology on financial sector.  Managing technical areas on international and national entities  like  Societe General Valores, FG Inversiones Bursatiles, Merrill Lynch Capital Markets, and  Banco Inversis. In the latter, defining the technological strategy from the  start of the entity and being active part on design of the offer  for products and services, also on models  B2B as  B2B2C.

Fernando Pastor

Fernando Pastor

Cofounder & Consejero

20 years working for financial entities: insurance companies, banks, broker dealers, among others. In the last 8 years has supported  the process for the digital transformation on  diverse entities on the sector both in  Europe and in Latam. Managing not only the commercial process,  but also the active consulting process to obtain the best result of technological investments.

Javier Vera

Javier Vera

Cofounder & CTO

21 years leading innovative and technologic projects on financial industry. Moreover than managing the integration of more than 100 customers on Inversis Bank technological  platform, has also  managed innovation area being responsible of new technologies adoptions on the bank. High technological  and financial  knowledge, proven experience on  leading and managing projects.

Knowledge Expertise Innovation for Financial Industry



We are specialist in digital transformation, Big Data and development , implementation and integration of innovative technological solutions for the financial sector.

We are extensive experienced  on development of technological projects in the field of capital markets, intermediation, liquidation and custody, distribution of funds and pension plans among others.

We are experts in agile developments on advanced technologies



Knowledge: Our total specialization and use of the most advanced technology allows us to approach any type of technological project.
Experience: we bet on talent and experience. Our management staff is more than 20 years experienced on financial sector.
Innovation: Is a part of our DNA. No two projects are the same for us. We apply innovation to create different solutions.
Commitment: We are focused on and for the customer.  Our objectives are your company, your business and the success of your project.
Flexibility: we adapt to the circumstances of the client. Not only in work methodologies, but also in the development of customized solutions.
Effort: We work until we find the best solution. Reliable and secure solutions that optimize processes and system productivity.


we work for

Private banking

Insurance companies

Securities companies


Investment fund managers

Commercial banking

Treasury areas


Financial intermediaries

Pension plan  managers

We bring value to financial industry


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