Integration and implementation

of third part systems

1. Our value proposal is based on  business knowledge and years of experience integrating third-part software products. From lateral systems, such as applications for Portfolio Management and Financial Advisory, or the digital onBoarding of clients, to core systems, such as the change of applications for the settlement and custody of financial assets, or the distribution of Investment Funds and Pension Plans.

2. We have a high knowledge of the market products and  we provide to our clients  to select the system best suited to their needs and infrastructures, and to implement and integrate it into their own information systems.

3. The professionals  who are on  Keifi's staff have integrated software solutions into more than  100 clients  in the financial sector.

4. In these projects, the assurance of data  quality  in the migration process, the  integrity of these data on a day-to-day basis, and the implementation of controls and alerts to correct any type of deviation at an early stage are crucial for the proper functioning of the system.

5. We carry out the developments as necessary to ensure the success of the integration project and to guarantee the daily operation.

Rest of services

Quality, knowledge and success are some of our differential values