Digital Transformation

and Big Data

In recent years, the financial industry has undergone great  and important changes. On the one hand, the concentration of the financial sector and the arrival of new and complex regulatory requirements. On the other hand, the entry of new participants, such as "Fintech", and the great  digital players, like Facebook and  Amazon. All these factors, among others, have contributed to the fact that the entities have begun a process of digital transformation and innovation as we have never seen before, for this reason:

1. We collaborate and help our clients by contributing our experience and knowledge so that this complex change of the  digital transformation is a success. In our identifying marks, we are very aware of innovation as a lever to improve and bring real value to the business and efficiency.

2. Consultancy, integration and implementation, data analysis and development of the processes of extraction and incorporation in Big Data technology, as well as the elaboration of use cases and preparation of dashboards are part of our services.

3. Our partner in this area is  Stratio, a leading company in the use of Big Data technology of third generation.

4. We have formalized a Strategic alliance with Stratio to implement and adapt its product, Stratio Data Centric, a platform that goes beyond a traditional Big Data:

  • Disruptive technology that incorporates everything necessary for the digital transformation of entities, ensuring flexibility, scalability and adaptation to new market rules.
  • Unique in the market with operational databases and information in a single system and with real-time updating and explotation of the information.

Stratio Data Centric enables  distributed and secure implementation, including modules for Data  government and advanced data analysis, visualization and   microservices  technologies, among others.

Other services

We help you to make a real digital transformation.